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Mombari - Intro

A picture is worth a thousand words...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is ...

The Story

A powerful wizard threatens Mombari's village. To save the day, Mombari must gather all the magic rings in an immersive 3D fantasy world...while avoiding the wizard's traps! A magic map is Mombari's friend; ghosts his enemies. But to find his way without touching a ghost or becoming trapped in a dead end street, Mombari must use all his cunning...


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Mombari in the Press

"...Mombari is an outstanding game..."
"...It combines elements of an adventure game with lots of exciting puzzles and excellent graphics with varied levels and offers an unusual but extremely interesting way to control the character..."
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Ratings as of September 2014

Worldwide, there are 117 ratings for the Windows Phone version and 5 ratings for the iOS version. Mombari is rated with an average of slightly below 4 stars. The distribution can be found in the following graphic. Ratings of Mombari as of September 2014